Call it what you will, ransomware, cryptomalware, etc. the countless variants of software floating about the internet just waiting to attack your network and lock you out of all your important files isn’t going away. When antivirus and similar security companies find a way to defeat the infections, the bad guys make improvements as well. They learn from their mistakes just like legitimate software writers do.

The crew behind TeslaCrypt have done just that. There was a vulnerability in their software that allowed decryption of infected files. Once it was “exploited” by security researchers, TeslaCrypt has now been “updated” removing the vulnerability.

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We first stated talking about Cryptomalware in June 2014, we had a client hit. Almost two years later, the fight continues. the linked article from Engadget says it best

“We can not say it loud and often enough, ransomware has become the black plague of the internet, spread by highly sophisticated exploit kits and countless spam campaigns.”

This is why “cold state” backups are so very important. The ransom for these types of attacks can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. A “cold state” backup is a backup that is physically removed from your systems. It can be as simple as a USB hard drive with your documents copied to it. Cloud based backups such as Carboniteor our own Aspis DataSafe will help protect your important data as well.